Prisma Access: Upgrade Notification for Prisma Access 1.7
Scheduled for Aug 21, 17:00 UTC  -  Aug 24, 05:00 UTC
To support the upcoming Prisma Access release 1.7, Palo Alto Networks will perform the following infrastructure and dataplane upgrades during the following dates and times:

Prisma Access Infrastructure Upgrade - From August 14, 2020 at 23:00 UTC to August 15, 2020 3:00 UTC. You cannot perform commits during the maintenance window.

Prisma Access Dataplane Upgrade - From August 21, 2020 at 17:00 UTC to August 24, 2020 5:00 UTC.

Palo Alto Networks makes every effort to perform the upgrades at a time that is minimally disruptive to your organization. Our goal is to minimize the impact to network traffic, but in some cases there may be a brief interruption.

What you need to do before the upgrade:

Retrieve the active and reserved addresses used for Prisma Access deployments and add them to your allow lists.

After the infrastructure upgrade, Prisma Access may change the active IP addresses to reserved IP addresses and vice versa, and you must add the reserved IP addresses to your allowed lists before Prisma Access performs the upgrade to minimize disruption to your users during this upgrade.

(Optional) Upgrade your Panorama to 9.1, if you want to take advantage of new PAN-OS 9.1 features available in this release.

Panorama 9.0 will be supported until November 20, 2020, but you will not be able to use PAN-OS 9.1 features with Prisma Access if the Panorama that manages Prisma Access is running a version of 9.0. Panorama 10.0 is supported by Prisma Access at this time.

The tentative date for the release of Cloud Services plugin 1.7 is August 24, 2020. After the plugin is released, you will have until August 29, 2020 to upgrade your existing plugin.

To help you get ready for the dataplane upgrade, Palo Alto Networks will provide more detailed region-based upgrade timelines one week before the infrastructure upgrade.
Posted Aug 02, 2020 - 01:57 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: Prisma Access (Americas-Argentina, Americas-Bolivia, Americas-Brazil Central, Americas-Brazil East, Americas-Brazil South, Americas-Canada Central, Americas-Canada East, Americas-Canada West, Americas-Chile, Americas-Colombia, Americas-Costa Rica, Americas-Ecuador, Americas-Mexico Central, Americas-Mexico West, Americas-Panama, Americas-Paraguay, Americas-Peru, Americas-US Central, Americas-US East, Americas-US Northeast, Americas-US Northwest, Americas-US South, Americas-US Southeast, Americas-US Southwest, Americas-US West, Americas-Venezuela, APAC-Australia East, APAC-Australia South, APAC-Australia Southeast, APAC-Bangladesh, APAC-Cambodia, APAC-Hong Kong, APAC-India North, APAC-India South, APAC-India West, APAC-Indonesia, APAC-Japan Central, APAC-Japan South, APAC-Malaysia, APAC-Myanmar, APAC-New Zealand, APAC-Pakistan South, APAC-Pakistan West, APAC-Papua New Guinea, APAC-Philippines, APAC-Singapore, APAC-South Korea, APAC-Taiwan, APAC-Thailand, APAC-Vietnam, EMEA-Andorra, EMEA-Austria, EMEA-Belarus, EMEA-Belgium, EMEA-Bulgaria, EMEA-Croatia, EMEA-Czech Republic, EMEA-Denmark, EMEA-Finland, EMEA-France North, EMEA-France South, EMEA-Germany Central, EMEA-Germany North, EMEA-Germany South, EMEA-Greece, EMEA-Hungary, EMEA-Ireland, EMEA-Italy, EMEA-Liechtenstein, EMEA-Lithuania, EMEA-Luxembourg, EMEA-Moldova, EMEA-Monaco, EMEA-Netherlands Central, EMEA-Netherlands South, EMEA-Norway, EMEA-Poland, EMEA-Portugal, EMEA-Romania, EMEA-Russia Central, EMEA-Russia Northwest, EMEA-Slovakia, EMEA-Slovenia, EMEA-Spain Central, EMEA-Spain East, EMEA-Sweden, EMEA-Switzerland, EMEA-UK, EMEA-Ukraine, EMEA-Uzbekistan, EMEA-Kenya, EMEA-Nigeria, EMEA-South Africa Central, EMEA-South Africa West, EMEA-Egypt, EMEA-Israel, EMEA-Jordan, EMEA-Kuwait, EMEA-Saudi Arabia, EMEA-Turkey, EMEA-United Arab Emirates, Americas-Brazil South (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), Americas-Canada East (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), Americas-US Central (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), Americas-US East (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), Americas-US Northwest (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), Americas-US West (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), APAC-Australia Southeast (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), APAC-India West (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), APAC-Japan Central (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), APAC-Singapore (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), APAC-South Korea (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), EMEA-France North (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), EMEA-Germany Central (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), EMEA-Ireland (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4), EMEA-UK (Location on-boarded prior to version 1.4)).